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Restaurants & Bars


Everyone loves to eat!

So do we at JWK Electrical.

Our portfolio of works would not be the same without a helping of restaurants thrown in. Whether it be the prestigious Bombay Brasserie in Gloucester Road, Café Lazeez in Soho, even Cafe Rouge air-side of Gatwick Airport, there is a myriad of restaurants to chose from. We even successfully delivered a KFC in Essex.

Not only do we complete the front-end of the installation, but all the back-end cookline equipment and electrical supplies that run in parallel with the HVAC and mechanical systems to ensure a smooth, safe eating premises.

The 1.5 ton chandeliers you can see here were stress tested for 48 hours with 3 tons of weight.

Each chandelier came shipped from India and was painstakingly put together onsite by our site team.



Reconditioned, rewired and re-installed. These original chandeliers were recently replaced in all their splendour

Case Studies

See Grandeur at The Bombay Brasserie